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ARIUM Deerwood

9803 Creekfront Road

Jacksonville, FL 32256



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/03/2007
I am a petite white single female 105 lbs blond hair blue eyes. After numerous observations a resident who lives in my building is a active member of the La Nestra Familia. I know this to be true, I noticed when he walked throwing up gang signs to his boys outside. As I nervously peek thru the blinds he likes to show off his glock while he conducts his illicit business from the parking lot. His body is covered in prison tattoos. It is nice to know a convicted armed felon lives close to me. I notice a peeping tom looking thru my windows. He is like getting a cheap thrill. This weirdo ransacked my laundry and stole my panties. I talked to the office and they said that they will look into it. It is like talking to a ------. I am taking no chances. Screw em as I say. As a result I bought a 9mm and it is locked and loaded. Since the office does not care. They told me security is "like my prob" <br> <br><br><br>I notice a JSO squad car parked up front. Where is the officer? It makes you wonder what the deal is. Aside from the cons and the weirdos and pervos living here the main issue is<br>The drunken bums people will hang out right outside of your window. Yelling, vomiting, farting and cussing and tossing beer bottles in the road. My car has beer bottle rings where the drunks set there bottles on my hood. My hood to my car also has vomit stains. I am scared to go outside. Is that a way to live in America? As a result of this madness my psychiatrist put me on Prozac. All night long the toxic behavior marinating from the inside of this place is enough to make a choir boy turn into a boondocks saint. <br> <br>
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ARIUM Deerwood

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