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sanctuary99 • Resident 1997 - 2002 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/25/2005
My mom lived there for 5 years.<br>They had parking problems<br>maint. problems<br>and management problems was a joke. She tried for 5 years to move to a 3 bedroom and one NEVER came open.<br>There were cars broken into murders, etc.<br>No security. She finally had to move because the mold problem was so bad, she was having respitory problems and they never fixed leaky window seals. She was the first tenant in that apartment when they first opened. Allot of excuses and no<br>solutions. Give you an example of her expierence when she moved out...<br>Her Towel rod was bent so, she replaced it.<br>They charged her 85 dollars for a new one<br>They also charged her 25 dollars for a mssing screw on a toilet seat!<br>She also found out that after she moved out, the complex was suppose to clean carpet and paint everytime you renewed your lease. They never did that once! I helped her do that.<br>You make your own decision, if you want to live there. Drive by there at differnt times of day and check out parking and garbage...daily issues with her as I recall.<br><br>Oh, and she was on the bottom floor and you can hear the people above you peeing! Gross!<br>
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Banyan Bay Apartment Homes

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