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Bay Pointe Apartments



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jimmyjuco • Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/20/2005
Yes, you read my title correctly, ----- - the Lord of Darkness couldn't even make a worse apartment. I have lived here for a year and I finally moved out last week. Thank God, he has let me go and out of hell's hell. At first this apartment didn't seem bad, newly renovated and painted, it looked real nice and the neighbors are very nice. Then came the destructive force that Baypointe is. After a rain shower one afternoon, I decided to go get my mail. Too bad there was an ocean there too. Remember the story of Moses spreading the sea so that he could walk through with his people. Well he wouldn't be able to do that here, especially if he wanted to get his mail. Just for your information it doesn't just flood at the mail box, it floods everywhere. I know some first floor neighbors, where their apartment was flooded with water. Also, there were sexual predators that lived there like the other poster said. So you better watch out for them and watch out for your kids, dogs or whatever you have that can be sexual prey. Cars would get broken into, and from what the apartment wrote, that would be our problem. Oh yea when you leave anything outside on your patio that isn't patio material, like chairs, then they will fine you for it, even if it's out there for 2 minutes. Watch out for that. Also not to seem prejudice, but there are a lot of what seems like illegal aliens living there, especially when you see 10 of them living in a single apartment. If INS wanted to deport illegal immigrants that Baypointe would lose about 90% of their tenants. It's pretty bad and you can see how many there are when you go the pool and see them all sitting there and watching little kids and women swimming in the pool. It's pretty disturbing. I don't know what else to say about this apartment except that it sucks and is by far the worst apartment in Jacksonville, that's saying alot since I have lived in real big crap holes in Arlington. This place is by far the nastiest, rudest and biggest piece of ---- I have ever been. And if you don't believe me then go knock on someones door before you sign that lease and ask them about the apartment. I bet 9 out of ten won't be able to speak english back to you and the 1 that does will tell you how bad it sucks. Trust me I've been there and done that and now I am gone the hell away.
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Bay Pointe Apartments

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