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Beachwood Apartments



Resident · 2010
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Office Staff
This place is amazing. Drug deals in front of your face. I see people being mugged, robbed, etc. Frequent gun battles at night. YOu have to get down on the floor. They should give you combat pay to leave here. A meth lab next door. Crack cocaine being sold from a high school students window. Beating, people being robbed. You can get a pizza delivered but you have to go to the fron of the complex near the office. The delivery people are shaking as they take you money. THe peopke at the Office Thasha & Wendy are jerks and not well liked, you have to kiss their A$%. They starting closing the laundry room at 5:00 PM. That is great if you are on Welfare. THis place is owned by a bunch of ruthless thugs. SOme of the ownwers are involved with Flagship Properties. Highest Murder Rates of all Apartments. That is one thing that they do right. Don't complain because they do not take complaints! Take into consideation what your employer will think of you if tiy live here? You can't get a decent job if you live here, if you do they will make fun of you.
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Beachwood Apartments

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