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Beachwood Apartments



Resident · 2017 - 2020
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Office Staff
It's okayish, you get what you pay for, being that this is a low income apartment complex. Yes, crimes do happen on occasion, but I feel it could happen anywhere. I generally mind my own business and I haven't had anyone bother me ever. The only things I hate are that the maintenance team tend to barge themselves into my house on an inconsistent basis (it's always either the first or the second friday of every month, they always change without any notice.) I'm not sure it's appropriate to say on this site, but even when I yelled through the door "I'M INDECENT, HOLD ON" they were still unlocking my door (they may have not heard me, so that bit might be on me) so I had to sprint to my room to put on more appropriate attire. The other thing is the sheer amount of children running around throughout the neighborhood unsupervised and messing with our vehicles. One went into my van and left the lights on overnight, killing my battery, and another tried to break into a sibling of mine's vehicle, but was caught in the act (we gave him a good scare.) The upkeep of this apartment complex, however, is horrendous, I walked around barefoot one day and I damn near stepped on a used heroin needle, and since then I always went outside with shoes on. So much litter for days. Oh also the fire alarms in our apartment in particular suck, it always goes off for no reason. (Before anyone says it, no, it doesn't detect carbon monoxide, and we rarely cook anything that could smoke up the house.) We aren't allowed to replace it with something else, and any replacements issued by the maintenance staff do the same thing. All in all, it is alrightish for me so far, but maybe don't move here.
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Beachwood Apartments

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