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City Ridge Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2003 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/19/2005
Horrible place to live. They falsely advertise a gated community, but it doesn't even work. The grounds are only maintained in the front of the property, but take a closer look in the back of the property. Trying to get them to fix anything is like asking for a million dollars, but they don't hesitate to ask for the rent on time. When they do come, they do patch work and don't actually fix anything. You may get sick living here because the mold that gathers in the apartments will overtake you. You can clean to your heart is content, but the mold just continues to return days later. Who knows if I wait long enough mushrooms may start to grow.<br><br>Between me and my husband--our cars have been broken into a total of four times, they even stole my husband's just recently.<br><br>They are renovating some apartments and completly gutting them out; however, they aren't locking them up so they are wide open...Can you imagine a child going inside one of them and getting seriously hurt. But I guess they haven't thought about that or they don't care.<br><br>The have stray cats and dogs running loose all over the place, but the city will not do anything because it is there responsibility to catch them....so guess what they are running wild. Sometimes you can't get to your car because they are blocking your way.<br><br>Oh....they came in and put up parking sheds and charge you a monthly fee, if you park under them you get towed. They get more bright ideas to charge you more rent everytime you turn around, but don't improve the conditions. They try to dress up a dump, but up under it it is still a dump.<br><br>This is just been a nightmare and we are searching for another place to live as I type.<br><br>
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City Ridge Apartments

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