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Dunes Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/04/2007
I will make this short and sweet. Upon moving into the Dunes Apartments I was very excited and anxious to meet my new neighbors. I drove around the complex at night and day before deciding on signing my lease to see what it was like. It was in tip top shape and I saw no obvious reasons to go elsewhere. That is until I moved in here and got adjusted. It didn't take long for me to realize that the management ABSOLUTELY SUCKED!!! It is 2 women who think they are better than ANY and EVERY one that walks through that door. In my opinion they would be EXCELLENT in Ponte Vedra where there is NOTHING but snobs and stuck up people. The manager will be really nice to your face and then as soon as you have been living there for awhile she'll stab you in the back. She's worse than the freakin ----- himself. I would rather live with my Mom and Dad again than to EVER live another day with her being the manager. You have to drive 10 mph and even if you are and the office staff thinks otherwise they'll run out in front of you and yell that you were going too fast~WHERE THE HELL ARE THEIR RADAR GUNS??!!!!! Also~if you live there during ANY holidays~GOOD LUCK!! You CAN'T put ANY decorations up in your windows, you can't hang anything that will be visible to the outside and at Christmas time you can't put snow, lights, Santa, or anything to do with Christmas in your windows. It is absolutely ridiculous and I wish I would have NEVER signed a lease. The park is another story! It looks like it would suit a crackhead because of how old and dingy it looks. EVERY OTHER apartment complex has at least decent swings (unlike their rusted ones) and a slide. What are kids supposed to do there~run in an open grass area?!! How dumb is that?! The manager is VERY discriminating against single moms, ------, foreign, pretty much EVERYONE that isn't the office staff. I had no problems in my apartment because whenever I needed something I would always just wait until after hours and call the emergency pager that way I wouldn't have to deal with the ugly, rude, and fat office people. At least the maintenance crew is semi-decent. They at least do work instead of always being gone. I hope to God that the manager doesn't get paid that well because she's never there and she doesn't deserve ANY amount of pay. I would love to spy on her (the manager) and report EVERYTIME she left the office so that way her supervisor could be aware and then maybe the apartments would be a better place WITHOUT HER!! I regret never pursuing a lawsuit against that place!! If you would like to live with ----- then hurry up and move on in but you could have more freedom at boot camp. <br>
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Dunes Apartments

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