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Heather Ridge Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 09/05/2005
The community is very friendly. The apartments are a great size for the money. I think the cabinets and a/c unit is pretty old though, which might be the cause of the bugs. I had a leak in my roof when I first moved in. Then maintenance fixed it, but not the first time. It was completely resolved on the second complaint. <br><br>The office staff is great, when they are there. It is hard trying to get a hold of the staff. Not that you would need them that much, it is just good to know when you need them they would be there. I am assuming because they are almost full to capacity that is why they are not in that often. I have lived here for almost 9 months now. <br><br>You will like the staff. You will like the square footage. Water is included in the rent, so that is really great. Not a lot of apartments include water anymore. The laundry room is good; I think the machines are ok. At least they work. I have lived in apartments without a washer and dryer, and for me personally, I dont think I will do it again. But the apartments do tend to get a noticeable amount of roaches, not a lot but for someone who dont like them at all.. it bothers me. I usually stay in my bedroom at night because in the beginning I used to see one big bug at least every night. But I have complaint and they put do pesticide now. <br><br>I would have to say, all in all, it is a good place to live. I feel safe, and the community around this apartment is a bit busy. But not dangerous to my knowledge. I used to walk in the park across the street, but I stopped because of some weird incidents. Not dangerous incidents, more like just left me uncomfortable. I would recommend this place to someone, if they dont mind a little bit of roaches. It is just hard to look past since I lived a lot of places and I have not seen that much before, but it has slowed down. There are spiders; I havent had a problem with those. I am not scared of spiders. <br><br>I think they just need to renovate the bathrooms and kitchens a bit and things would be even better. <br>
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Heather Ridge Apartments

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