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Islande Pointe Apartments



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sallynoname • Resident 2005 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/17/2007
I guess we should've known what we were in for as all of our neighbors moved out while we were moving in. First of all, the apartment lied to us stating that the place would be ready when in fact it wasn't. They wouldn't let us have our keys until 2 weeks after the scheduled move date. We were homeless for this time because our lease had expired at our other residence. We were only given one key to a three bedroom apartment. Upon talking to the neighbors.. they informed us that the whole place had been a wreck the day before we actually moved in. The staff had lied to us saying that the reason we couldn't move in was because they didnt have a key for us yet. Things were relatively quiet for the first few months due to the fact that we were the only occupied apartment in the whole building. However, things went downhill starting in Novemeber. Our appliances broke, and they never came to fix it. Someone attempted to break into the house, and when we called to have the window locks fixed, they never came. We resorted to nailing them down ourselves. Our faucet was the next to go.. and still no maintaince on our other various complaints. Eventually we got new neighbors...who let their kids run around unsupervised and allow them to vandalize other poeple's property. Their were continious instances of racial slurring coming from the neighbor's apartments. The last straw came when the neighbors children vandalized my car, and began throwing rocks at our windows. The kids hang out in the hallway till all hours of the night unsupervised. When we complained, the office staff was very rude and mentioned that we couldn't prove it. They then made false allegations against us that we left trash outside our door and they were giving us a $100 fine. They told us that they knew it was ours because they went through it. When asked how they knew that it "was ours" they said that it had mail in it for the person who doesn't recieve mail at the address.When we said that we wanted out, they told us that our lease had magically become a year long without our consent, due to new management. I never knew that you could change a legal contract without having the lesee sign off the changes. They told us that in order to break the lease we would have to pay them about $9000. They told us that we could have a discrimination lawsuit placed against us for our allegations. I didn't know that not wanting your possessions vandalized and having your windows intact was discrimination, SO, we contacted a lawyer, and that's when their story changed. All of a sudden they were begging us to stay, stating that they had never had a complaint on us and that we were good tenants.They wanted us to give them two weeks to fix the problem. Needless to say we are moving out. I never felt safe in the apartment, I always slept with a knife if I was home alone. We try to even avoid going to the car at night. We also incurred a flea infestation due to the millions of stray cats that inhabit the neighborhood, and since there is not weather stripping on our doors..they came in and made themselves at home. AGAIN.. no response from the pest control that we were promised. The gate that is advertised for the community doesn't work, and honestly i think it would be better used to keep the people that live there in. So if you don't want to feel safe, respected, or comfortable, by all means move in.
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Islande Pointe Apartments

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