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Kings Trail Apartments

3770 Toledo Road

Jacksonville, FL 32217



Resident · 2012
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Office Staff
New Name Same Garbage: Avesta Kings Trail. Survived a one year lease at this place. This place has a grocery list of things wrong with it. 1.)Your belongs will get stolen. 2.)Noise. Scores of unsupervised children run around until 11 pm and play in/ near dumpsters. Neighbors always outside talking loudly, smoking, drinking, etc. Never a moment's rest. Paper thin walls. 3.)Grounds- After a 5 min rain the community is flooded. Very poor drainage, water has seeped into our car. Dumpsters overflow and random beer bottles and cans make there in front of your door. 4.) Safety- As I write this review, there was a murder a few days ago, I have heard gun shots through out the year as well. I'm a runner and did not feel safe going for a run even on the brightly lit summer mornings, I wouldn't dare venture out in the dark. 5.) Amenities- bare bones. Broken washers and dryers in the facility , pool is not well maintained trash is often floating. There is a bbq area that see frequent use. 6.) Staff- are a joke. Unfriendly, not helpful. 7.)Maintenance- Sub par work when they bother to show up. Broken screens, windows, toilets, etc are either never tended too, or the work is so poor you are better off calling someone yourself. I could go on, but I think you get the idea. Living here made me very depressed, angry, and frusrated. I do not know if other Avesta properties have the issues that Kings Trail does, but I would steer clear of this place. If you faced with either homelessness or moving in here... I'd try a shelter.
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Kings Trail Apartments

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