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Pier 5350

5350 Arlington Expressway

Jacksonville, FL 32211



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Resident 2005 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/19/2007
I DO NOT RECCOMEND LIVING HERE AT ALL!!!!!!!!<br><br>I am trapped! Help me! This is very scary place to live! This is a death trap! There are many reasons that you need to know for your own safety!! <br>It is very ------ place!<br>Drug Dealers I always seen them selling drugs even front of our children! I ve seen them carrying the gun! They even checked out our vehicle. I have to watch everyday to make sure they dont steal one of our vehicle. Because they already broke our vehicle window. I heard that they stole other vehicle. They even pointed the gun at somebody's head last month to steal the vechile.I told the manager about somebody broke my vehicle window. She said there is nothing they can do about it. <br>There are too many drugs here.A lot of people smoking weed and crack front of my children! <br>I found out that lady next door was murder in 2005 by three teenagers who lived there. The manager did not mention anything about that. They put us in that same building. We found out through our police friend. We did report about many things. The manager wont listen to you. She always said she would take care of it. She never did! <br> One night when we got inside the gate. There were a huge group of black kids banging on our truck and ran! We were very scared! We thought they were going to kill us! A lot of parents dont care about their children. They let them running around middle of the night, breaking the glass. They broke many vechiles windows!! The manager didnt care... They did not hire security for a full time. Only sometime for a show. They promised me they will keep up with gates. They never fixed it. <br>There are many problems inside of the apartment. There is a leak through my ceiling, ants, carpet is used, they never replaced a carpet. It is USED! Now black things start to grow. Many black spots on my carpet! They never come back and clean it. They tried to charge me to have somebody to clean it. They promised us a new carpet before we moved in. They had somebody to clean it. They didnt even replace it! They will rip you off. They will charge you for carpet damage when you move out. They took my friend's deposit 250.00 for carpet damage. (Molds from the last person who lived in that apt) Then they will pay somebody to clean for 50 bucks! <br>Please make sure you keep your door locked all the time. I dont even allow kids go outside play because a group of black people would beat your children up! Few Black kids gave one little white boy a pill, but little white boy is lucky because he was smart enough to show it to their parents. That one pill could have end his life. I found few herion needles in park. Kids could get AIDS from that if they step on it! I showed it to the manager. Guess what she said? She said ok I will take care of this. Next day There is still needles in the park where children play! Nobody ever take care of things! <br>DONT LIVE HERE! I Will be gone in a month! I cant wait!! Dont let them trick you by telling you it is improved and more security blah blah. They werent honest with us!<br> I spoke with my friend who is a police. They said there are many things on the report about crimes at Summer Oak. Feel free to go pick it up. Its on 501 EAST BAY STREET. It takes a minute to print all reports. Its public record. You have every rights to know what is going on inside of Summer Oak. The horror place to live! I better get the hell out of here! It is not worth for me to die! <br>I DO NOT RECCOMEND LIVING HERE AT ALL!!!!!!!!<br><br><br><br>Second Comment: Thank you for your response and agree with me! I will go ahead copy and paste of your comment about property safety. That is a very good idea! That could help other people who suffers living at Summer Oak.<br><br>Here it is:<br><br>I suggest you to contact Property Safety. The inspector will come and check out your apartment. They will do something about it. They will talk to the manager and make them to take care of it up to 7 days. If they dont take care of it. They will fine them. You will be able to hold your rent money until they take care of it. You will be able to take them to the court. The court might help you to break the lease without them taking your money or putting you on the credit. You do have rights too! Not Summer Oak! Dont ever think that they have more power than you! <br><br><br>Here is the website link: www.coj.net/Departments/ and Neighborhoods/Property Safety/default.htm
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Pier 5350

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