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Academy Village



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Resident 2004 - 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 02/28/2006
My husband and I rented For almost a year. Upon moving in We loved it everyone seemed so nice. Than the managment changed. Our prior managments was awesome till someone chased the manager around with a knife and the police were called she left and didnt return. Than Paul, came into the picture and Janie. Boy what a difference their attitudes sucked. I had some people above me that had kids and they would stomp around all night and i would never get any rest. Finially i said something to the people above us. and the people on the side of us would have sex and we would hear them but that never bothered us it was early so we wernt trying to sleep hahaaa we would just turn on the music. When the hurricanes came no one showed up for 3 days and the managers excuse was I had my own family and problems to deal with how nice. alot of people were pretty mad about that boy how much they cared about the tenants living in their buildings. The apartments are very nice by far probably one of the nicest in the area but thier rules are ridiclous. The only downside i ever saw was no storage space and the maitnance sucked our dishwasher was broken for 3 months i didnt even use it but maybe 3 or 4 times. they had the sears man over saying that noting was wrong with it and that maybe i was thinking i washed them and they were still dirty hahahaa. also the parking is kinda crazy most the time you have to park on the oppisite side of your apartment since there are no spots. And yes i agree with the ones that were sayig there were breakins we moved in and 2 days later there were 5 upstairs from us with no forced entry humm sounds odd apperantly they had keys. Anyways i would suggest that if you were going to move in here dont expect any help from managment or maitnance. and if you have to leave for work in the am leave 10-15 earlier it will take you that long to get out on 192 just my 2 cents... Ps I found a tampon in the pool kinda nasty... hahaa hope that helps anyone looking to move in
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Academy Village

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