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Arbors of Sendera



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Since my last review, This place has had many possitive changes! The NEW management has really taken charge of many of the issues in this "work in progress community". The front & rear security gates have now been fixed, however, are constantly broken by pissed off drug dealers not having easy access to there clients anymore and drunk or high tennants who in there messed up state of mind cannot remember the gate code, so they ram it!(not managements fault!)The gates are repaired constantly and promptly by management. Potholes and cracks that were here for years have been fixed!!The garbage area has improved, but, with the ignorance and unclean habits of the tennants it remains a problem. The amount of garbage produced FROM THE TENNANTS in this complex is completely UNREAL! The new white gate, hiding the larger trash pieces was a good idea, but is just a bandaid on a huge problem. Management has been trying hard to beautify a community that was once run down by young ignorant care about nothing and nobody drug using and dealing individuals who no nothing, but, to make a once beautiful complex look like the areas they are use to living in, ------! You can move a person out of the ------, but, if that person was never taught cleanliness or edicate, their new surroundings will soon mimic their old. Overall the complex has and is changing for the better thanks to the new management, maybe not as fast as many would like, but, look at what they had to work with when they took over this place. People still let the dogs pooh any and everywhere & despite signs, dogs still are taken into the playground areas where kids play in the sand. There is still a bad ignorant element that needs to be ejected from this complex before management efforts can truly shine. Drivers, usually young, are still blowing thru the stop signs as if they weren't even there! This is serious! soon, there will be a serious accident because of this! There are many kids roaming around (little kids!) by themselves! and these drivers are moving very fast thru those stop signs! Many of these young drivers are turning corners almost on two wheels, they're going so fast! I've not seen any "Slow, Children at Play" signs anywhere! Undercover unmarked police cars would have a full-time job handling this stop sign problem in this community! There is now a community monthly monitor delivered to your door anouncing different programs and events in the community center, health services, tax preparation, community yard sales, child safety activities for kids etc. Hey! NEW management, some of us tennants see your efforts and are very happy your here, keep up the great work and efforts, eventually this complex will turn highly desirable again!
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Arbors of Sendera

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