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Bermuda Lakes Apartments



Resident · 2004 - 2005
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Office Staff
I lived here for a little over a year. For the 1st month or so things were nice, the grounds were kept up, the office staff was nice and the pool was clean. then a new manager took over and the place went to hell in a handbasket! <br><br>They STILL have not made all the repairs from the hurricanes over a year ago! Any sort of repair request need to be followed up on 2-3 times before anyone is sent. I had a plumbing emergency that flooded my bathroom and I called the answeiering service, who paged the maiontenance staff. They never called...never came to fix anything. Had to hire someone myself!<br><br>The bottom of the pool is now a thin green algea slime all the time. The maintenance staff seems to believe if you put cholrine in everyday you dont need to vaccuum or brush the pool. The pool is always so full of water that the skimmers cant function. I have not entered the pool in over 6 months. The hottub ...even worse <br><br>The raquetball court ... oh that has been converted to a "storage facility" for repair supplies. It didnt matter because before that they would not unlock it because the teenagers were having sex in there.<br><br>The complex is full of punk kids who think a great time is throw tables, chairs and unbrellas into the pool.<br><br>The "quiet" policy they tell you about is a JOKE. No one is quiet especially near the pool area late into the night. Often time the resident who is responsible for locking the areas at 11pm locks them well before 8pm.<br><br>
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Bermuda Lakes Apartments

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