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Bermuda Lakes Apartments



Resident · 2002 - 2003
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Office Staff
I find the last reveiw to be one sided. For starters, it is called discrimination to place children in one area. As for her and her husband being quiet how do they know? They clearly advertise playground and stuff for the kids daily. She should have moved into a 55 and up place. i have had kids by my door at night and have called the after hours noise officer that they have and he responded within ten minutes. If you do not inform management of your problems how can they be taken care of. <br> <br>Parking- yes it can be tough but most apt places are the same. I move in 12/02 and was informed that there could be tight parking. You cant expect to park directly in front of your door. This is the 4th complex for me and the parking has been the same at all. <br> <br>The last reveiw failed to mentionthe good things. how great the entire staff is here!, maintenance comes within 24-48 hrs depending on the problem. The office is so friendly and like the first mans review, not all but most of them know your name. They are so easy goign. You dont get all these threatning letters every time you breathe wrong, they treat you like real people. <br> <br>The apt was clean when we moved in all stuff in decrent condition. any minor stuff we reported was fixed within 2 days. <br> <br>There is not alot of trash or people hanging around all the time. <br> <br>Everyone has their own opinion which is fine but when you choose to live at an apt complex you need to understand that things go on at different times of the day. My wife works nights so she needs to shower and eat at 11 or 12 at night. I am glad that last lady is not my neighbor or she would be complaining about hearing my wife chew. <br> <br>She wants to hear noise- Live at Tropical Isle! We did. That place is the worst. <br> <br>We are quite happy here. Although we dod not have kids either we like that they have things for them to do- it keeps them out of trouble. Besides she had them as late as 10 at her door. If thats all she can find to complain about then i think thats pretty good for apartments. Usually once they get you in its down hill- not here. <br> <br>I hope anyone who reads this does not just bases it on that horrid review. <br> <br>My neighbors are great. One of them has been here almost 4 yrs so i guess its not so Bad! :) <br> <br>i would list my name and email so the staff could know we appricite a good job but I am afraid that lady is my neighbor and will complain about something!
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