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Cascades Apartments



Resident · 2008 - 2009
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Chris, your review was so damn funny I nearly pissed my pants! Since you obviously had your head up your --- when you signed your lease, here's what's going on at your complex in three words - it's flat broke. It is a condominium complex with many owners, not a single owner. Over two-thirds of the owners of the units haven't paid maintenance fees in months, (many units are in various stages of foreclosure), so it's impossible to cut the grass, maintain the pool, or pay the maintenance guys to fix stuff on the grounds. Unless you can find someone to do all that stuff for free, you can protest, cry, whine, claim your "rights" to a clean place to live, or stomp your feet like a 3 year old all you want, but without money to pay for all the services you want to receive, you're pretty much SOL. Heck, so few owners are paying maintenance in your complex the water was almost turned off last week because the complex owed nearly $50,000 in water and electric utility charges. You want a month of free rent, talk to your landlord - but don't be surprised if he's not very receptive to your idea. The rest of the condominium has absolutely nothing to do with the lease relationship between you and your landlord, so why are you asking everyone else in the complex to pay for your rent, which will only make the situation you're in even worse? You have the "right" to a clean place? Guess what - if you want a clean place, you'll either have to move out, or roll up your sleeves and do the work yourself. And if you move out, maybe next time you'll open your eyes, look at the grounds of the complex, and check on the financial condition of the apartment/condominium BEFORE you sign the lease and move in. What's been going on in that condominium has been going on for the last six months to a year. Pay attention and stop claiming you're the victim - take some responsibility for, and take charge of, your situation. Read more: http://www.apartmentratings.com/rate/FL-Kissimmee-Cascades-Apartments-973254.html#ixzz0SMFl7GR4
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Cascades Apartments

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