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Cortland Hunter's Creek



  Verified Resident 674918
vrp · 2017 - 2019
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Office Staff
We need designated visitor parking. Residents need the opportunity to reserve the grill & kitchen area in the pool area, similar to the club house rental setup. Doesnt need to be a payment, but there are residents that would like to use the pool area grill without it having to start grilling at 9am. There should also be a mandatory clean up for those who use the grill and kitchen area. I know maintenance does a lot to keep that area looking decent. Residents shouldnt bring their children to the gym. Ive seen kids get hurt using the gym equipment. Maybe the business lounge could be converted into a gaming lounge, but we dont want residents to feel like its the new babysitter either. We gotta double down on our cameras so we observe parking violations and car wash use. The car wash area should be for residents and only works with the residents key fob. I know management is limited on what they can observe & prove. But if we actually start fining some people word will spread quickly.
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Cortland Hunter's Creek Manager


Hello Cortland Resident, first and foremost I would like to say thank you for your review and your feedback. You have tons of great suggestions and I will pass them all on to the rest of our team and see how we can implement some of them. We totally understand how parking can be an issue and I am pleased to announce we currently have a parking plan in place and are just waiting for the proper permits and approvals to come in. Rest assured that we will notify everyone of the plan once approved. When it comes to safety, we take that very seriously and children should not be allowed in the gym without parental supervision. I can notify the community via email as a friendly reminder to ensure that no child is left unsupervised. As always, safety first!! Once again thank you for taking the time and letting us know how we can always improve and if you need anything further, I can be reached at [email protected]! Maria Guzman, Resident Experience Manager

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Cortland Hunter's Creek

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