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Horizon Apartments



Resident · 1999 - 2004
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Office Staff
The people who wrote about new management in 2001 must not live there now. There was a brief spike in the way the complex was kept up. Now, it's a nightmare. Management tends to the landscaping at the front of the complex and near the clubhouse. But if you live in the back or tucked away at the sides, you will get no maintenance or landscaping. Your complaints about this will go unheeded until you give up and decide to either live with it or move out. You will see bare earth because they're too cheap to plant grass, broken plants, shrubs and trees and other signs of neglect. The owners are cheap to the point where if something breaks and it's not in an area noticeable to potential renters, it won't get fixed. Walk around the courtyards and at the rear and other areas of the complex away from the main road and see for yourself. Perhaps the worst aspect of this place is the quality of the people who live there. Some are decent, but many are loud, inconsiderate and even dangerous. Domestic violence is common, and while management supposedly performs criminal background checks on renters, they obviously can't check up on guests. There's a bad problem with teenage and young adult hoodlums who visit residents and with young vandals crossing over from the moderate-income apartment complex, Kensington, which is next door and separated only by a chain-link fence. You can call the police, but it does little good. It does even less good to complain to management, which either can't or won't do anything. You have to wait until the neighbors move out, or you can move out yourself first.
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Horizon Apartments

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