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Laguna Place

2109 Polo Club Drive

Kissimmee, FL 34741



Resident · 2010 - 2011
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Office Staff
When u look at the model apartments they show you a decent unit everything in tac, then when after you sign the lease they refuse to show u your apartment until the day that you actually move in. By that time it is too late! We were told by one of the two maintenance guys as well as the tenants around us that the couple who lived in our apartment prior to us was crackheads. The maintenance guy himself is a crackhead. He told us how he used to love the smell of the apartment when the other family was living there. The apartment literally looked like they moved their stuff out and we moved our things in. The walls were NOT painted, the tubs in BOTH bathrooms had leaks (the one in the master bathroom is still not fixed to date) press on flooring in the bathroom was ripped apart behind the toilet on the side of the bathtub with mold growing underneathe it, all of the cabinets in the kitchen were ripped apart, the rugs were disgusting, the ceiling fans in one of the rooms was hanging off, the light on the ceiling in the hallway was hanging off and you could see the hole in the ceiling, the master bedroom window right by the door was cracked on the bottom, the light overhead on the outside of our front door was hanging down, the refrigerator had mold in it, the ac unit was leaking and the heater would not work at all, not to mention the infestation of roaches! WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT MOVE HERE! Unfortunately we are stuck here in our year lease. But as soon as that is up we are out of here! A few things was fixed only due to the fact that we have Section 8 and we had our worker send out the insspector who passed the unit in the first place and what he realized is that after he passed the inspection they moved the refrigerator, the ceiling fan, both lights that hung, the cabinets in the kitchen and the unbroken window to a different apartment. The inspector told us that the apartment did not look that way when he inspected it the first time. So those things were replaced after about 2months and the press on flooring in the guest bathroom was replaced. However they missed the deadline given to them by Section 8 the first time around to replace those things however Section 8 gives 2nd chances and by that time they replaced those things. When the complex came to look at the AC unit they was trying to replace it with one from another apartment however Section 8 told them that they were to put in a new one, and so it took them about 3 days to put in a new one, so we had no heat for those 3 days. Not to mention that I have 2 children under the age of 3 that had to sleep with sweatpants sweaters and a jacket layered on top of eachother! The roaches have not gone away! They have the exterminator come every two weeks and the roaches are still there. I absolutely HATE this apartment and I cant wait until the day that I move out! I have a baby on the way and I can not imagine having him in this apartment for even 9 more months!
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Laguna Place

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