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Laguna Place

2109 Polo Club Drive

Kissimmee, FL 34741



Resident · 2007
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Office Staff
I moved in in January bcause it looked good on the outside and in and the staff was nice at this time. They also have remodelled condos in here for sale that are over-priced but that is another issue i have had with them. Anyways. So I have lived here for about 5 months and this is what I have experienced!<br>* The worst maintenance ever. They lie to the people up front about completing tasks. I have gotten 2 people fired for getting caught in a lie. I turned in the initial list when I moved in for ---- that needed to get fixed and the lying b**** of a manager said it would all be done in a few weeks. Nothing done yet. I have had some major things that I pushed to get done right away after accpeting they wont fix the small things. It took them weeks to get it done. The last thing I had to do was fix the big hole under my door that was allowing bugs to walk in and air to escape. They finally bought the piece for it A MONTH after I called in the request. I walked into that office with my pregnant hormones and snatched that piece out of the managrs hands and told her i can do it my ------- self. It has beena night mare livig here. And I read about the mold thing and now I know why I have had this lingering brnchial issue for the past month as well. Being pregnant, i do notlike this ----. It is harmful to me and my baby. The appliances are from the early 70s i swear. my bathroom fans dont work and i do not even want to ask for them to be fixed because it wont get done. god forbid my kitchen disposal quit working i will be screwed. There are these little sarp things poking out of the patio floor that i step on all the time and its like WTF I HATE IT HERE. The enamel in our showers have worn down so bad you cannot clean them anymore and they spent the last 3 months being as loud as they can be starting from dusk to dawn remodeling the apartment above us. If I had already had my baby i would have went to jail by now. I live over in a nicer secluded part of the apartments but I have seen tons of -------- walking around and staring which is what they do best right ladies? The trash cans are everywhere and maintenance likes to leave dishwashers, and other huge appliances sitting by them for a week like they have n common sense to put them there the day before trash comes for the courtesy of the sidents here who pay way too much a month already. my electric bill is only about 100 a month considering i am pregnant and run the AC faithfully and leave a light on as well as the tv when im not home because i dont feel safe that i wont get raped or something when i get home. and i take long long showers twice a day and the water bill has never been higher than 13 dollars. so there are a few things thatare getting me through living here. but really....it sucks and i cannot wait to move!!! oh yes there were juk cars everyweher but they finally got ticketed and towed or moved after that. <br><br>
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Laguna Place

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