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Polo Run Apartments



Resident · 2015
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Office Staff
Building is run down probably hasn't been painted in a couple decades. The outside looks like crap.Very little to no upkeep of the outside/ parking area. Trash everywhere, hallways are always dirty, looks like a scene from a horror movie. Oftentimes some of the hallway lights aren't working .The "newly remodeled" apartment must've been remodeled with used items because nothing is done or works right. cracks in the wall, there's even cracks in the ceiling. The floors are uneven. They think they're slick by installing carpet so no one will notice but you can feel the difference In the floor. Had to rearrange my bedroom cause the dresser would tip. Roaches everywhere. They come spray every now and than but aren't thorough at all. All it does is bring more. If your ok with them constantly being in your apartment this is the place for you. They expect to remodel while you're living there and will leave a notice on your door the night before they are coming expecting you to comply the next morning. The apartment is equipped with a porch but was told we can't store anything on it. Whatever that means.Fire alarm goes off all the time at least 3-4 time a month sometimes all day as well.Even cases where a firefighter has to come before the problem is fixed. As you walk thru the courtyard in the middle it feels as the floor is going to calapse beneath you, but they're more worried about putting wood around bushes instead of the bouncy floor where clearly the plywood is rotting. Been incidents where the manager of the property knocks on the door and not even a second later she is putting the key to come in not giving anytime for a person to answer or even yell towards the door. I Spoke to some of the other residents and they have had this problem as well. As far as the office service goes, they give exemptions to who they please even after stating they give none. Had got into a arguement with the manager of the property and as she was yelling (not talking YELLING!) she got into my girlfriends face. Not too sure how other apartment offices are but I'm sure that's not the proper way to deal with any situation, especially in a business setting. When asked if there was someone else we could call or talk to because we were obviously being disrespected she told us that she is the one to talk to and there is no one else.there is so much I can say but not enough to review space.We moved in here cause we needed a place quick and there was no waiting list but now I can see why
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Polo Run Apartments

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