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Reef Club I & II



Resident · 2011 - 2014
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Office Staff
All the bad reviews that you have read are right on. Unfortunately I am not able to move or else I would. The price is high, the office staff and the property manager are very unfriendly to say the least, the neighbors are slummy and loud, there is no communication with tenants to inform of changes such as the security patrol being cancelled. Look Reef Club up on the Better Business Bureau and read the complaints that have been filed. I have complained about the neighbors living above me for over a year, they are loud all day and mostly very late at night (they sound like a herd of elephants walking above my head.), they dump their trash over the side of the banister and all over my walkway and in the bushes. Nothing has ever been done to rectify the issue. I have very lil bushes and plants mostly just dirt all around my apartment. I have had random people walk up on my porch and vomit or sit down on my porch chairs and hang out. I have had to call the cops on many neighbors for noise disturbance. I have witnessed the office staff threaten tenants that have come in for help...they have threatened to call the cops saying they are being a disturbance just because they come in for help and the office staff member doesnt want to help. They are lazy. The only department that is reliable and courteous is the maintenance crew. Do not move in. I did and I am stuck for now.
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Reef Club I & II

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