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Reef Club I & II



Resident · 2014 - 2015
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Office Staff
WORST PLACE IN KISSIMMEE SCAMMER ALERT: in the many years i have been living on my own i have never encountered such disgusting rude front desk clerks in my life.Lets just start with this. upon signing my lease they CLEARLY explained to me that you COULD NOT HAVE LARGE BREED DOGS AGGRESSIVE Etc etc. I had to give up my dog just to live here. Then soon after moving in i walk around this place and see MANY MANY PITBULLS which are not ALLOWED. Then i was also told you can not have DISH NETWORK which is so crazy because as i walk around i see dishs in buschs ,on trees, and also on people balcony. So thats strike one how could you have someone sign this lease having all the Dos and Donts but yet NONE OF THE RULES ARE ENFORCED. I currently seeking legal action on this complex which the lawyers are saying we will do anything possible. One day there was a misunderstanding with the police and i was arrested for a huge mistake. The same day this happens to me i get a letter on my door saying i have 7 days to move out "its illegal". Keep in mind not convicted of ANYTHING, let alone nothing drug related. What does me being arrested for anything have to do with the ability to pay rent im a hard working young man been working since the age of 15. And i also find it really funny how they are trying to evict someone who always pays there rent and is drug FREE,no complaints. Where were these rules for all these tenants living with pitbulls .dish networks,drug addicts,drug dealers. This is why im taking legal action against them. I also have over 100 pictures of all the damages THEY caused in my apartment. They had came in one day to fix a leak in the bathroom these random guys come to my place get inside MY TUB with Natsy boots that turned the ENTIRE TUB BLACK, til this day i can not get that stuff out of the tub. My air conditioning was broken at one point for over a week. This complex sends random people to your house that arent qualified to FIX ANYTHING electrical let alone and Air Conditioning UNIT. I feel i am being discriminated against because how is it i get an eviction notice a day after getting my estimate for my new rent. Legal action will be taking place. I also got into contact with Dalcor in texas which are asking me to write a detailed statement about everything that has been going on in here. Beware everyone dont get scammed like i did. I will also be posting the pictures of all the evidence and illegal actions that take place in this complex. My neighbors door was literally kicked down for drug trafficking but yet HES STILL LIVING there with NO 7 day notice to leave.
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Reef Club I & II

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