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Springs at Tapestry Apartments

2601 Pledge Road

Kissimmee, FL 34741



Resident · 2018 - 2019
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Office Staff
BEWARE!!! Looks nice but that's because it was just built so don't be fooled. Ill give you the 411 on this property. Loud thugs party all night all throughout the property. Tow truck driver lives on property and checks constantly all through out the night to snag a car without a sticker (I actually seen them tow and old man for visiting his daughter, he was in spot for 5 minutes) Tow truck driver has spotters who comb through the parking lot and will actually nudge cars with his leg to see if alarm goes off or to see if emergency brake is on(these guys look like zombies or crack heads walking around. Little kids walk around the fountain and smoke weed whenever they want all hours of the day. The car wash is a party because people park in there with their music blasting all hours of the day. Never any parking spots, good luck if your pregnant, have groceries or its down pouring rain because you'll be walking from the visitor parking. 10 speed bumps and the property is smaller than a Walmart parking lot. -------------------- IS THE WORST. SHE WILL LIE TO ANYONE. She made us pay over 1000.00 for a spot on our carpet! It was from where we put our bed and left a small mark. She said they had to replace the entire carpet in all three rooms and that the original carpet was discontinued so they had to put another style of carpet in....I said who puts a different style of carpet in that doesn't match the other units? We asked to see the new carpet in our old unit and she said someone was already living there.... We went back and knocked on the door a few times and no one ever answered. She said we would have to pay or it would be sent to collections and our credit score would be affected. She then gave us a story of how she lived in an apt complex where she worked and she even had to pay when she left. --- we don't care!!!!! BOTTOM LINE EVERYONE, IF YOU LIKE GETTING RIPPED OFF THEN THIS IS YOUR PLACE!!!! SAVE YOUR MONEY AND RENT A HOUSE!!
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Springs at Tapestry Apartments

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