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Wellington Woods Apartments



Resident · 2011
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Office Staff
When complain about other having late hours party ( load music ) loud noise banging On floors/walls , front office don't do dam thing about , they u call the cops , u do , things don't get done. When u complain more then 4 times . Has roaches and ants real bad in apartments , make a work order , no one shows up to 2/3 wks. later. maintenance don't know how too fix things ( took them 4 times fix washer/dryer ) Central air ( had high elec bill over 350.00 a month) had them fix it 3 diff time , finally they started too clean it , finally got my elec bill 200.00 month they don't service Central air / heating it was so caked in dust real bad , it was 1 in thick that not normal. That can cause a fire. They do not maintain Central air/ heat once a year like they suppose to do , by law. Came in this app. with crack windows/mirror , counter top had was not new , someone took a knife too it , they never fix, and a lot more stuff. stove don't work right. Few people works in office is very rude and few maintenance men or rude When they have other people come to apartment for some kind maintenance the they too walk right in ur apartment w/o knocking - same thing when they have fire department w/maintenance men they like to enter ur apartment w/o knocking - if u have a dog , if dog try to get out they kick the animal / throw animal and call the animal names. They don't fix things right / when u put work order in , it take them a wk , to check ur work order or they don't show up. If u want too move to a smaller or bigger apartment , they charger u 200.00 plus charger clean up , even u clean apartment they charge still and , if it's raining , when they muddy on there shoes , they muddy the carpets and they charge u for for there mess , even they mad the mess. People in place don't have there dogs on leashes , there dogs like to run front of cars. In the morning the high school/middle school kids walk in front cars or they won't move when they standing in the road. The front gate never works , u got people hit then w/ there cars or u got teen like to play on them. People w/ kids parents don't pay attention on there kids . Kids like play ball and hit cars/ motor cycles. Complain to that parent about there child , parent makes a remark to there child , parent doesn't care. Parent has no respect. The pool never clean , people put stuff in pool rocks , broken glass and no heated pool , have broken steps . leaves / sticks in the pool. Had a problem some adult that don't live here , threaten a child w/ weapon , it's safety problem. There is safety problem , got gang here and more to the next complex has more gang activity, and they come to this complex to start fights. Plus next complex , next door has child molesters . U can check it out on internet, and u can see how close they are. This place not worth to rent ,
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Wellington Woods Apartments

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