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Wellington Woods Apartments



Resident · 2011
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Office Staff
Don't fix things right , washer/dryer used don't work ' they don't clean the air system- central air at all ( they are suppose too clean 2 time a year) High elec. Bill if you use it for air / heat.my elec. bill was 350.00 , I stop using the central air system my elec bill is 95.00 a month very big different. I complain it took them 4 times fixing the problem ( problem was when they cleaning it it was one to two inches thick. ( That could cause a fire ) ( By the law system are suppose be cleaned 1 to 2 times a year. ) BUGS big time ---- roaches and ants ----- ask them too spray your apartment ( my son watch the guy to spray he spray 2 places not the hole apartment.. we had them spray too many time we lost how many times. People w/ dogs don't keep them on leash -- there one dog went after another dog that was on a leash w/ mother w/ her kids .... no one does nothing about. If someone has a party during 7p-7a you complain they don't do dam thing about it at all. we has security guard was attack from one of people who don't live here from that one apartment it was 2a during a week. this place don't care . ALL THIS PLACE WANT IS MONEY MONEY MONEY THEY RAISE RENT ANYTIME THEY WANT THEY SEND PAPERS OUT TOO HAVE FIRE DEPARTMENT OR STATE COME , THEY DON'T COME TOO APARTMENT . THEY HAVE PAPER TOO SEND TO EVERYONE , THAT THEY SPRAY YOUR APARTMENT THEY NEVER COME. I stay home too make sure -- no one shows up. One time , I was home , a guys that came to my home to spray , my son anwer the door and guys said I'll be right back , he came back w/keys and coming into my apartment and was was coming down stairs and said o wrong apartment -- what hell - they let outsides have keyssssss hell no and the front office don't let u know when people coming to apartments - I am glad , I wasn't home by myself ....... Make sure that u clean your apartment before you move out and make sure you take pictures , if u don't they will screw you big time and make sure rugs are clean and have someone else do it --- I moved to a small apartment too a bigger one -- I clean the hole apartment and the rugs too -- they cam into that apartment with muddy shoes and dirty the rugs and they billed me for it - because I couldn't prove I had rugs cleaned , I was charged over 400.00 they billed for other cleans ttoo I cleaned the hole apartment , I did for got do inside the stove that was my fault and 2 ceiling fans... IT was wrong had pay for something I cleaned , Now I take pictures and have prove things , I did they can't charge me... plus people in the office are very rude ----- after awhile after you moved in. YOU HAVE TO WATCH YOUR CARS, MOTOR CYCLES-TRUCKS- BOATS EVERY HAS A MOTOR AND WHEELS. SOME PARENTS HERE DO NOT KEEP ON THERE KIDS AT ALL RUN THE ROAD PLAY AROUND YOUR CAR. COMPLAIN TOO THE FRONT OFFICE - YOU WILL GET NO WHERE AT ALL THIS PLACE ISN'T SAFE - THERE HAS BEEN IN TIME THAT THE GATES DON'T WORK FOR DAYS.. THERE PEOPLE WHO DON'T LIVE HERE STILL GET IN THEY WILL FOLLOW YOU IN WHEN GATES OPEN. DURING SUMMER THERE WAS A GUY , THAT GOT MAD A CHILD AND THREATEN THAT CHILD WITH A GUN.... THIS PERSON DID NOT LIVE HERE. POT HOLE IT TAKES THEM FEW WEEKS TO FIX .
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Wellington Woods Apartments

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