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Wellington Woods Apartments



Resident · 2015 - 2016
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Office Staff
This place is by far the worst I have encountered so far. The application process was a head ache. The receptionicts is very nice and friendly, but apparently she was fairly new . She made a mistake on my application about 4 times. I had to keep coming back to the office to make corrections to my application. She would tell me put this here or there and then it would be wrong and then I kept having to come back to change it. Also after i moved here I kept having different maintainance issues. Like my AC didnt work properly for 3 months which caused my electricity bill to come really high . I spoke to the manager about it and she promised to investigate it or what not and she would get back to me about a credit in my rent. It has been 4 months and they still havent told me anything! Ive asked the girl in the front she says shes going to give the manager the message and I never hear back from the manager. They took 3 months to get me a drawer that was damanged on my refrigerator, I went 3 weeks without light in my kitchen because the bulb went out and the maintenance guy changed it but it still didnt work. So he was supposed to come back to change some thing else that was causing the problem and i guess he forgot. I waited and waited until finally i said well let me see whats taking soooo long again and I went to the office and they sent a different guy and finally he fixed it. He is a new guy that I wish I knew his name, but he is the only one out of all of the maintenance guys that has come to my house that really fixes what he came to fix. My television in my living room 55' flat screen Tv went bad because the breaker was bad it kept making different things shut off ramdomly in my kitchen and living room. They fixed the breaker but of course totally ignored my tv , no offer to replace it what so ever. Im so so so dissapointed and regretful of moving here . Another thing that happens alot here is that people get fined for their trash and even though some of them deserve the fine others dont. I personally havent gotten a fine but i have witnessed some people sitting their trash on the floor just because they see some already there , they assume the compactor is full.But there have been many times ,like almost every week end the gatbage us pilled up so high infront of the trash compactor door that there is no way to get to it , so you have no choice but to put yourbtrash on tye ground with the rest. Well if you get caught doing that they fine you $50 that has to be paid with your rent on time! They tell you that you have to take your garbage back home with you until the trash is empty again!! Hopefully I dont have anymore issues here before my lease is over.
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Wellington Woods Apartments

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