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Willowbrooke Apartments

1100 Oakbridge Pkwy

Lakeland, FL 33803



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writer12 • Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/18/2005
I have never lived here, but I dealt with the office staff on several occasions. I actually wrote a review detailing my experiences, as a warning to potential renters. For some reason, my review was deleted. It did not contain profanity, and the only name I mentioned was the name of the one lady in the office who was NOT rude to us. I do not see where I violated the user agreement, but I will repost the original review now and delete any parts that may have caused the review to be deleted originally. I'm sure the staff at Willow Brooke had something to do with it being removed, but that won't stop me from sharing what happened to my husband and I when we looked into renting here.<br>__________________________________________<br>My husband and i were very interested in moving here, at first. The area <br>was great, and although the apartments are older, they were very nice <br>looking. We went in there one day and the first thing that a member of <br>office staff said to us was "We're operating on a waitlist that's really, <br>really long." I mean, this came out of her mouth in place of "hello." <br>We didn't ever get a "hello<br>Hmm, ok, we said. We aren't moving <br>for several months. We'd like to see an apartment, and then likely be <br>placed on your list. She replies with, "Well, right now.. there's some, <br>ah, construction going on, and we can't get back there where the model <br>is at."<br>Hmmmm, again. We press her and ask when we WILL be able to <br>see it. She says, over the weekend, rather reluctantly.<br>So, seeing as <br>how we don't currently live in Lakeland, we decided to call first <br>before driving down there over the weekend. A lady answered the phone and we <br>explained to her what happened and asked if we could see an apartment <br>that day (not sure if the lady on the phone was the same lady that we <br>met a few days prior). She replied with, "We never said that. We don't <br>have construction. Our model has been accessible. I don't know what <br>you're talking about. I was here all last week."<br><br>HMMMM, again, this <br>time louder. We went down there and a woman named XXXX talked to us <br>and showed us the apartment. I must say, XXXX was pretty nice. No <br>complaints about XXXX. <br><br>While XXXX was taking our information <br>down and talking with us, 2 women that were in the back office were <br>constantly, and I mean CONSTANTLY, interrupting XXXX while she was dealing <br>with us. XXXX had to get up and leave the desk 2 or 3 times. The 2 <br>ladies did not excuse themselves or even offer us an apologetic smile. <br><br><br>So, anyways. We still liked the apartments, and figured we could <br>put up with a couple of RUDE young ladies if need be, so we had XXXX<br>put us on the wait list.<br><br>A week later, I got a little nervous. I <br>mean, who's to say that we were actually on the list? From what I saw <br>of the rest of the staff, I wasn't leaving anything to chance. <br><br><br>At this point, I've since called 4 times and left messages, and emailed <br>8 times. Yes, that's 12 attempted contacts in the past 2 weeks. Have <br>any of them replied? No, they have not. I've sent the emails to BOTH of <br>the email addresses on their website. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. <br><br>I <br>don't know what caused them to be so unprofessional. Apparently they <br>think their apartment complex is just the bee's knees, or something, and <br>that they don't have to be polite to people because the apartments will <br>do all the work for them. <br>___________________________________________<br>And as an update, I finally did receive an e-mail response from a staff member at Willow Brooke. None of my "why did this and that happen" questions were addressed, all she said was that they don't have regular e-mail access. <br><br>It's funny how last month there were 3 or 4 negative reviews on this site, and now they are all deleted. No accusations, just an observation.<br><br>
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