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Sabal Park Apartments

302 Sabal Park Pl

Longwood, FL 32779



Resident · 2013 - 2015
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Office Staff
Sabal Park is a great community. The complex and grounds are gorgeous with tons of tall trees really making it feel like you are somewhat in the woods. One drawback of all these trees, is in the fall and spring, the leaves get everywhere... Piles of them will get in every crack and crevice of your car, so if your car is super important to you like mine is, just know you will need to be washing it often. The staff and maintenance crew are great. They are all friendly, professional and efficient. The maintenance guys get the job done quickly. The location of this community is great and schools are highly rated. From Sabal Park it is only about a 15 minute drive to downtown Orlando and about 30 minutes to most theme parks. My only complaint is that I-4 is really the only practical option for traveling to and from Orlando, and it is quite a mess. Traffic is brutal almost all day long and unless you drive a Cadillac, you will feel how uneven and torn up the road is... There are countless divots, uneven pavement and small potholes everywhere; This is especially true when getting close to downtown. I drive a sports car with stiff suspension so it is like a roller coaster every time I travel it. As far as the actual apartment goes, sadly I would have to say they are very dated... The layouts are old and something you'd expect from the early 90's. The appliances are also dated and no washer/dryer are included. The apartment is very spacious although in my opinion, it actually feels smaller than it is because of the aforementioned layout. Open concepts create a larger feel, but that is lacking here. However, all apartments have a nice large screened patio which is essential to me living in Florida. If you have a ground floor, you even get a back door making it easy access to the parking lot or your little yard where you can add some of your own little plants and flowers. Parking here is also another concern. Most residents here don't seem to ever leave, lol. Other than going to work and back, the same cars are constantly in the front spots forcing you to have to park pretty far away from your building. If you are like my wife and I, who go out frequently, you may be parking 2-3 buildings over when you arrive back home. This isn't that big of deal if you are young, but older people or people that are out of shape may not feel the same when it comes time to lugging groceries around. Crime here is non-existent. I feel very safe and secure here even living on the 1st floor. There is night security that patrols the area as well. There are a couple of young inconsiderate people that will blast their music and bass when driving through the parking lot, but otherwise, I'd say the people here are very nice and friendly... They are not ------ or obnoxious, or loud for that matter. Being such an expensive apt. complex, the bad eggs are kind of weeded out. Apartment noise: Oh boy. If you like your peace and quiet, you will not find it here on the 1st floor. Again, because the apartment is from the late eighties, the structural integrity is not so great. It sounds like the upstairs apartments' floor is about an inch thick and if you have heavy set neighbors, you are in trouble. My upstairs neighbors are probably really nice people and not trying to walk heavy, but it sounds like a thunderstorm every day up there. If they happen to drop something, probably a cell phone or something that size, it sounds like a bowling ball. It is very annoying and I have complained to the office staff several times, but they have yet to rectify this issue... Telling the tenants that they are creating a noise disturbance is not the way to handle it. This is an insulation and structural problem and it needs to be fixed. The amenities here are OKAY. The hose for the car wash eats your quarters about 50% of the time and the vacuum never works very well. The pool is very small so on a summer day, too many people sharing the little pool is a concern. To add insult to injury, it is mostly kids swimming and splashing around, so again, good luck having a nice relaxing day at the pool. As far as daytime noise levels go, it is either very quiet or there is a lot of noise during parts of the day. If you live anywhere near the playground, there are a lot of yelling, unsupervised kids there anytime between 3 and 6 pm. Also, it would seem like at least 2 days there is some kind of landscaping crew making a lot of noise as well, which I understand. The grounds won't keep themselves up... Overall, it really is a beautiful neighborhood. In my opinion, it is overpriced though for what you get.
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