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Lake Carlton Arms



Resident · 2010 - 2013
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Office Staff
We moved here in 2010 because the apartments were a nice size and they were cheap. Our starting rent was $705 for a 2/2. Upon moving in, things were going well until we met our creepy neighbor across the hall who would hit on all of our female friends. He even let himself into our apartment (and he was drunk) while we had people over for a Christmas party. Our mail is constantly getting switched with someone down the street and no matter how many times I mention it to the mailman, it still happens. We ordered things from Amazon and they were stolen from our front door. We suspected the new neighbor's child but didn't say anything until we saw him reading one of the books we ordered a few days later. The father stuck up for his son even though he didn't know where the kid got the book from. A few months later I had to keep calling the office and security because the same boy and his friends were playing with air pellet guns in the vestibule. My final straw was when I was getting my mail and got hit with one of the bullets. I was almost 8 months pregnant at the time. The office didn't handle it until I threatened to call the police. Luckily that father and son moved out shortly after. The staff does not communicate with each other; one person will say one thing and them when you go in it's something else so always get the name of the person you talk to. The complex is horribly lit the further back you go and people speed through like they're on Dale Mabry. Our final issue (I hope) was when we went to turn in our 30 days. We ended up having to pay for 3 extra days and when they were figuring the amount we had to pay for October it took 3 different people and then they had to have the manager, Charlotte Brown, come out. There is so much scribble and cross outs on the form that I still don't fully understand. The main reason we moved out is because our rent went up over $100 in 3 years and we didn't get anything in return. No updates, no washer/dryer, nothing. Pros: Large apartment Pet deposit goes down every month Free clubhouse rentals Several pools Friendly and fast maintenance workers Cons: Outdated No communication between staff Rent goes up too much Constant and pointless roadwork Laundry centers have machines constantly out of order Only way to get money for laundry is to put it on a laundry card and the only machine for that is in the office which is only open 9-6 which is when most people, like me, are at work
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Lake Carlton Arms

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