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Lake Carlton Arms



Resident · 2014
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Office Staff
I have been without a properly working AC for over a week. I have submitted over three reports and the last maintenance note I received was yesterday about some new paint and how they would be back today to continue. (By the way they never came back today). Not once did I mention issue with paint or anything even closely related to that and I don't understand how I still have no working AC. Three reports and one note is all I have out of this and I honestly do not have the time to keep going back and submitting the same report with the same issues. Let me explain a bit more about my track record with this AC unit. Moved in Jan, and for the first two months it worked fine. One day it stops. They come and "fix it". Next day it stops, they come again and fix it. Following week it stops. It takes them a week to fix it. After that last fix the AC unit was at least triple its original sound, leaked way more than it normally did, and my power bill spiked up. It leaks so bad that it floods my downstairs neighbors plants and they complain to me. On top of that it leaks inside from the main vent in the hallway (I guess thats a vent?). It has fully soaked the carpet several times. Whenever I am home I try to put a cup out to prevent it, not for the carpet, but for my cat whom keeps getting sick off of it. Whatever is leaking is brown. Nasty. I am hoping it is just dirty water and nothing serious for the cat. It has been a week since my first report on this latest break. Still no AC. On top of that I now have new problems with the apartment and I am really tired of all this running around. Now the AC "looks" like its working. There is very little cold air coming out and to better explain: It has been on quite a bit, it has been set usually around 74-76 degrees. It has not gone below 78 degrees for the last week. In fact I feel lucky if it goes under 80. Another side issue I have been having is my fridge and oven shut off. I swear if one more maintenance person tells me "thats what its suppose to do" I will kick them out of my apartment. The fridge shuts off so long that when i open it all the food is warm. The oven shuts off so long that when I open it the cake thats been sitting in there for an hour is not cooked even the slightest. The stove top set on low will randomly turn red and burn food like its on high. And when I told the several maintenance and office staff I was told "thats suppose to happen". Now maybe I am not explaining it right, maybe they dont fully understand, but I am hoping this email may assist in these issues. I have been trying to email them, call them, ect, and my emails bounce back and the numbers they gave me arent real. I strongly suggest against this apt complex
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Lake Carlton Arms

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