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Twin Lakes Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2002 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/23/2002
I currently live at Twin Lakes, and as has been expressed, the parking is poor. <br> <br>My problem is when I moved in, pets are not allowed, but anyone who already had a pet prior to the law is allowed to keep their pet(s). I have seen on countless occasions pets coming into this community without any reprocussions. I took in two little stray Tabby Kittens who later matured into adulthood. Now I have been served a notice to get rid of the cats! They don´t really belong to me and they live outside. The property manager is continually searching for her cat only to find her cat eating food I leave out for the strays (one has already died and another killed by the kids). They recently raised the rent and I am considering relocating as my stove is completely useless (knobs crumbled off and cant shut oven off so I have to shut down the breaker switch to the stove) and carpeting needs replaced. Ive already had the plumbers come in to fix a slab leak and the ceiling fell in over the bath tub and had to be fixed twice. (The first time it was "fixed" water continued to leak and they had to re-repair the ceiling). Lawn service is almost non-existant. When it rains, water enters the sliding glass door into the apartment even though there is an overhang from the apartment above (must be seeping through the walls)
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Twin Lakes Apartments

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