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Sugar Mill Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/01/2005
The Apartment is very good. However we were being refused renewal due to "unsanitary living conditions". We were charged for having damaged the carpets, which we got adjusted against the security deposit. No problems, and agreed, it was our fault. They even charged for bathtub resurfacing, suggesting that if we cleaned those up and they find the cleaned bathtubs upon inspection prior to vacating, they'd waive off the resurfacing charge. Great! We took suggestions from them and cleaned the bathtubs as per their advise.<br><br>However on the day of vacating (31-Aug-2005), when we went to talk to them about waiving off the bathtub charges, the manager came out and screamed "I am getting very angry now! Don't stand in front of us or ever show your face here again! Pay up and get the hell outa here!!"<br><br>A few minutes later while we were settling the bill, I softly told them that it was very impolite of them to have talked to my roommates like that, this was not correct, and we had not come here to be treated like animals. The manager screamed "I'm a very intelligent female. I know exactly what is going on in my apartments. You've destroyed my property! I'm very angry with you all! You haven't kept my apartment clean!". To which I retorted hotly "But we've cleaned up the bathtubs!" This female replied "Well, you may have cleaned them up according to your standards, but this is not my idea of cleaning!! I'm very disgusted with you guys!!"<br><br>What do these people think? What do they mean by saying "your idea of cleaning" and "my idea of cleaning"? Are they trying to hint out at or country's origin? Racism? Or something? We're international students; is this the manner in which we expect this country to treat international students?<br><br>I would advise any newcomer, particularly non-Americans, to never get to this place due to the scant amount of respect meted out by these God-forsaken managers!<br>
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Sugar Mill Apartments

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