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Sunset Bay Condos



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Office Staff
dinosaurfla • Resident 2005 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/04/2007
The new owners have taken what used to be a really beautiful place and just ruined it. The only "improvement" is some of the new landscaping is pretty.<br><br>Where there were once sunrooms the windows were torn out and replaced with sliding glass doors! Why would anyone put glass sliders on the 2nd and 3rd floor? They open up and drop off the side of the building! Makes no sense and it decreased the "view" for those who had it. <br><br>The buildings are being painted the most atrocious shades of "macaroni and cheese" yellow. It's really an eyesore. <br><br>I can't believe the new owners paid $18.5 million for this place. Did they not research the market first? Condo conversions are not the big thing anymore. Look at the "reversions" going on in Winter Park and surrounding areas and you'll see this was not a wise move. There are so many condos for sale in Brevard right now....including other conversions that aren't selling.<br><br>I'm seeing more empty units lately. Soon no one will be living there. So very sad because it used to be the best place to live on Merritt Island. <br><br>I miss the old Indian River and the wonderful staff we had there. <br><br>
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Sunset Bay Condos

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