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Advenir at University Park

10495 SW 14th Terrace

Miami, FL 33174



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Lori27 • Resident 2013 - 2014 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/13/2014
My daughter lived at Vista Verde for one year while she was attending FIU. At first, the close proximity to the school, the gated community and the lushly landscaped property apparently made us overlook the carpet that should have been replaced not just cleaned prior to moving in and the less than responsive leasing/maintenance office. To top it all off, on move-out the leasing office refused to do any type of a walk-thru and demanded that we vacate "within the next 15 minutes". Being rushed out, we never checked things one final time before leaving. The results of that...instead of receiving our security deposit back they kept the $750 because of: 1) a small publix bag that was tied up in the fridge waiting for us to take out when we were leaving 2) three articles of clothing left in the dryer and 3) they claim there was dirt under one of the sinks. However, I had scrubbed and bleached everything prior to move-out. (Pictures are posted) Also, they tried to tell us that we had not had the carpets cleaned even though we had provided the office with the professional carpet cleaner's receipt. The ONLY thing we should have lost our deposit was for the gate card that was lost because it never worked all year. That should have been $90. Excessive but it is what it is. We tried to offer a compromise - $90 for the gate card and another $50 for a cleaning service (which was a pretty generous offer because the apartment was clean). Instead, the leasing office sent our correspondence to an attorney and refused to discuss the matter. We are within our legal rights to still take them to small claims court. Beware - before you rent at Vista Verde consider these facts. We had been warned but thought we should not make our decision based on one person's story. In hindsight, know whose opinions you can trust and they can be worth listening to.
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Advenir at University Park

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