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Advenir at University Park

10495 SW 14th Terrace

Miami, FL 33174



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/13/2005
Unprofessional, uneducated, rude office personnel. I can't stress how annoying it is to have to deal with these women. A few days prior to me moving in and after having left a deposit of more than $1,500, when I called regarding my move they told me they thought I had decided not to move in. I should have taken my money and ran at that point, I wish I had known about this site then. <br><br>They showed me the "model" unit they show everyone which looked real nice. I asked to see the actual unit and was told it was being worked on. When I unlocked the front door of my unit for the first time, I wanted to DIE because I knew I was locked in by the lease and there was absolutelty nothing I could do about it.<br><br>There is no hot water in the laundry room that looks like was hit by a hurricane. You have to wash all your clothes in cold water. Some of the dryer doors are completely broken and hanging off. Both the washers and the dryers are mostly broken and take your money. What does the office do: ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!<br><br>The walls in the units are paper thin and God forbid you get a stain on the wall, the paint comes off when you try to wipe them clean. Especially the ones in the kitchen and bathrooms.<br><br>The toilets back up at least one every month. A plunger will be necessary as a part of your normal decor. <br><br>The airconditioner has broken numerous times since I moved in. They send maintenance to come and "vacuum it" FROM THE UNIT ON THE CEILING? WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?!!! <br><br>The gym equipment consists of a few stationary bikes and crappy old equipment which are mostly broken. I almost killed myself on the treadmill when it stopped while I was running.<br><br>There are so many reasons why you should not move here. The rent is extremely high and the units are extremely small. If you're thinking about moving here because of the pretty landscaping let it be known you would be better off pitching a tent in the grassy common areas.<br><br>This is a case of bait and switch to me. They show you the pretty model unit, the gym, pretty landscaping but these are truely the apartments and management from hell.<br><br>One of my biggest regrets....
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Advenir at University Park

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