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Banyan Bay Apartments



Resident · 2001 - 2004
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Office Staff
This place is absolutely terrible. What was once Banyan Bay, full of lusious trees and amnenities, is now barren, not lush, not tropical, and a --------. The conversions are the worst in the city. Take old plumbing for example...don't expect to not have leaks constantly, and surely don't expect a damnt thing to be done about it! They are converting quickly to make a quick profit and are do not care about safety, cleanliness and OTHER PEOPLE! Money is all it is about. Make sure you get a Health Dept. individual in to check for mold...because the place is creeping with mold and mildew. I lived there before my home and posessions were wrecked b/c these incompetant, inconsiderate people, and before leaving spoke with a painter. In ALL Units the painter was painting coats, and then the next day would come in and mold would be all over the paint. What did the new owners, SOBAY, do? Well, they said paint another coat! Expect serious health problems and ensuing mental issues if you purchase at Nirvana. Nirvana? What an oximoron! Don't belive that this is nirvana, because it is only going to bring problems. Oh yeah, and if there is a problem, say your walls collapse due to faulty building stability (and the ceilings may do this), don't expect a finger to be lifted to help. You and your posessions will be SOL.
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Banyan Bay Apartments

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