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Banyan Bay Apartments



Resident · 1999 - 2003
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
I have read some of the previous ratings and to tell you the truth they are very tame compared to what really goes on at the site. It’s Horrible! The maintenance and management departments are just the worse I have seen anywhere in Miami. <br> <br>Rude and impolite should be their motto, don’t even think you are going to find a parking space if you get home after 9pm. And you better pray you car is in one piece in the morning because we only have guard on patrol half of the night. <br> <br>The prostitution in the area has gone down considerably but you can still the ladies of the night at least once or twice a week. <br> <br>There are too many dark areas in the property since the lights are burned out due to a lack or maintenance. <br> <br>The entry gates to the property are often broken allowing strangers to walk into the property to vandalize or use the amenities. Picture a hooker in the hot tub. Do you get the picture yet ? The problem is that 99% the hooker is accompanied by a RESIDENT! So they become someone’s guest. <br> <br>Don’t think about sleeping at night, since almost everyone in here owns a very loud stereo and it seems they compete among the apartments to see who can have the loudest bass rumble. <br> <br>When security comes to shut them down its just a matter or hours before they go at it again. Once again Management is the worse so don’t bother with Banyan Bay. <br> <br>
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Banyan Bay Apartments

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