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50 SW 10 Street, Miami, FL 33130
50 SW 10 Street, Miami, FL 33130

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Camden Brickell

50 SW 10 Street

Miami, FL 33130



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jjordan234 • Resident 2015 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/31/2015
I lived here from 2012-2014 but had to move due to job relocation. When my job relocated me back to Miami, I decided to get a unit in the building again because my first experience there was quite positive. However, a lot has changed since, including the management team and I wish I knew! On the day I was scheduled to sign my lease, I asked to walk through the apartment first. I'm glad I did! I was in there all of 30 seconds before I realized the apartment had not been thoroughly cleaned. I told the leasing agent so, showed her some of my complaints and she and her manager agreed to have the apartment cleaned again before my move in date (yesterday). No big deal, I thought it was just an oversight and on my move in day, I thought surely they would ensure the home was cleaned properly. Still, I walked in to find outlets in the kitchen with food still caked on them, a toilet seat that hadn't been changed from the previous owner (apartment rental standard) and a mildewed shower head. The manager sent a cleaning lady who was on her phone the entire time and acted like I was asking for five star cleaning. I was! This is an apartment home, not a hotel rental. I still spent most of last night (I moved in yesterday) wiping down cabinet and surfaces that should have been cleaned before move in. When I started to unpack for the bedroom, I noticed my allergies starting to flare. I thought it was just dust and decided to vacuum. I was shocked and appalled to see mounds of pet hair coming from the carpet. My allergies got worse and I was forced to sleep on the couch to avoid the pet dander and hair in the carpeted bedroom. I went to the leasing office this morning and was treated like I was insane! This is not hard stuff to grasp! You move into an apartment, it should be clean! The manager agreed to change the carpet on Monday but until then I had to go spend $200 on the best air filter I could find. I'm stuck sleeping on the couch because I can't spend more than 5-10 minutes in the bedroom without having an allergy attack. Oh and the washer/dryer is filthy. If you want an unclean "luxury" apartment home, move here!
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Camden Brickell Manager11/12/2015

We really appreciate you taking the time to share your concerns. My name is Johnny De La Espriella and I would love the opportunity to speak with you. Please feel free to come by the office or call us at 305-755-9572 FREE. Thank you.

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Camden Brickell

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    • (Resident photo uploaded on 10/31/2015) Image of Camden Brickell in Miami, FL
    • (Resident photo uploaded on 10/31/2015) Image of Camden Brickell in Miami, FL
    • (Resident photo uploaded on 10/31/2015) Image of Camden Brickell in Miami, FL
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