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8204 Southwest 65th Avenue, Miami, FL 33143
8204 Southwest 65th Avenue, Miami, FL 33143

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Jade Gardens



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Resident 2006 Not Recommended

Reviewed 01/09/2007

I recently moved out of Jade Garden and was happy to be out of there. The apartments are big and relatively affordable and look nice in the beginning. After you move in you start to notice the pitfalls. The plumbing is awful. I have to "vigorously" plunge my toilet every week or so just to keep it flushing. The drains are ALWAYS backed up. There is a strange smell that suddenly comes from the bathroom drains every day usu. late morning (ugh!). I have bleached the cupboard under the kitchen sink countless times and it still smells awful- i refuse to store anything there. The fixtures are cheap and of terribly quality. You can tell when they tried to "clean up" my apartment before they rented it they quickly and sloppily went over it with white paint- so sloppily that it is all over the bathroom counter and sink and the floors (makes the floor look dirty all the time even when I mop regularly). The bugs are ridiculous. I have asked several times for help from management. The guys that come every few months to spray don't even do anything! There are a ton of small spiders that look like daddy long legs (so I thought they were harmless) that have proceeded to bite the hell out of me since I moved in. I can't get rid of the ants- the come in from the electrical sockets its so bad. Finally, I awoke one night to a swarm of adult termites. What a joke! I never had cockroaches in my apartment (I am pretty clean) but they are running all over the parking lot. There are large rats running along the fences at night (there is a pizza hut on the other side of the property). NASTY. <br>I also wanted to keep a pet on premises and had inquired several times and offered many solutions to the problem (small declawed indoor only trained cat). I was denied and obeyed the rules while my neighbors arrogantly toted in pets galore (from dogs to cats to ten chirping birds at a time). They kept kennels and kitty litter on their porches and management did nothing! I was so frustrated. They said some animals were "grandfathered in" but one person said from 97 and then I asked another person and they said from 2003. I suspect they are lying and can't control their tenants. Regardless- it started out mediocre and went downhill. Check the details before you move in. The pool is unheated and usually dirty. Mostly it is just a place for the random couple to lewdly makeout in. The washers and dryers are of low quality and usually broken and there are definitely not enough for the premises! I often did my laundary around midnight on Tuesday just to get an open washer and dryer that worked. <br>Another issue was that my oven often shorted out. I had to request help 3 times. Once I saw a worker "fix" the problem by banging on it severely tryingt to get the wires to connect better (which was the problem- I had to repeatedly hit the burners in order to get them to turn on). The issue was never resolved. The kitchen fixtures were so poor that when the oven was on the whole unit would heat up so hot that you could severaly burn yourself just by touching the outside (happened many times). Overall- I went to the office as sparingly as possible and I am a fairly quiet tenant. When I did go- I was promised vehemently a call back ASAP to resolve problems and every single time I was ignored and ended up having to call back or visit again for the answer. <br>FYI I never even got a copy of the lease I signed- goes to show how professional they are.
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Jade Gardens

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