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Ludlam Point



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/25/2007
For the person that says that they think it is safe now that there is a gate....try living towards the back of the complex....just last weekend the cops were called out because a guy and a girl were having a huge dispute over by the basketball courts. Not to mention the guy that kept circling the complex mysteriously. And people still get in, the gate doesn't go down if you drive underneath it, it stops to let the next person in. And just the other day, my neighbors saw kids jumping over the back fence to go play basketball...oh, and have you seen the way they keep those gates in the front open by putting tape over the magnetic strip that is suppose to hold it shut. If you think you are safe in our complex, then they have you snowed pretty well. For all other issues, I don't know if you received that memorandum about all the rules that they will be enforcing, but they don't do it....I think they should stop supplying the community with free bagels on Saturday morning and use that money to hire a security guard or courtesy officer. <br>AND FOR ALL YOU THAT THINK THAT ALL THESE NEGATIVE COMMENTS ARE OBSURD AND PLAN ON MOVING INTO LUDLAM POINT ANYWAY, TAKE SOME ADVICE FROM SOMEONE WHO HAS DEALT WITH THEM....WHEN YOU MOVE IN CHECK EVERYTHING, TAKE PICTURES, WALK THROUGH WITH THE MANAGEMENT, VIDEO TAPE IT IF YOU HAVE TO....ONCE YOU TAKE POSSESSION OF THAT APARTMENT THEY WILL CHARGE YOU FOR EVERYTHING! IF YOUR FRIDGE BREAKS, YOU PAY FOR IT...WHETHER YOU BROKE IT OR NOT...IT'S IN YOUR LEASE SO BE CAREFUL!!!!! I SUGGEST DOING THE SAME WHEN YOU MOVE OUT....
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Ludlam Point

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