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One Broadway



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/18/2007
We have lived at One Broadway a few months now, at first it seemed like the ideal place on Brickell (good location, nice building, good facilities). Having lived there longer it became aparent about the lack of management. The 5th floor is totally filthy, there are numerous spills of liquids and trash all over the carpet and its truly disgusting. We reported this problem numerous times to the management and they have yet to once clean the carpet. Our floor also always smells like trash since the trash chute is constantly breaking down, when it breaks everyone leaves their trash in the hallway. Agian we have reported this issue and nothing seems to ever happen. We have had to have maintence into our unit countless times to repair our air conditioner, fix our washer and dryer (the hot and cold water was reversed) and numerous other things. <br><br>The parking lot is also a nightmare. For being such a small cramped parking lot there are not nearly enough mirrors or speed bumps. People used to drive recklessly, when people complained they installed ONE speedbump by the enterance and nothing else. We have almost been hit numerous times because people dont know we are coming around the corner. <br><br>They need to get someone experienced in building management into One Broadway - the people in the leasing / management office are totally clueless.
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One Broadway

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