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Palmetto Place Rental Community



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/15/2007
My husband and I have lived at Palmetto Place almost a year now, and so far it has been okay, but I have a few things in my mind I dont'like is that people leave their garbage outside the door, which is not a problem for me but I dont like the fact the people have the oddesity to throw it by my door. Another thing that is very iritating is the parking lots, people just come and leave their cars on the drive area where oncoming cars are leaving the premises on and off, its very annoying. Another is that they keep the gate open and they never fix the damm thing, sometimes I dont feel safe, they should have a guard by the two gates, because the security is never around. Other then that I think its okay. Thank Goodness I have my dog to alert me of any warnings.One more thing I think its ridiculouse that they charge a fee to use the gym, most apartment around the area you use it without paying a fee. I feel that if I'm paying $880.00 they should not charge the gym fee, its just a ripoff. I would not recommend this for anyone. maybe for the price but service sucks! Tahnk God my contract is expiring soon.
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Palmetto Place Rental Community

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