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Palmetto Place Rental Community



Resident · 2016
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Office Staff
Overall, this community is nice to live in. It was the best deal we found in the area for the price and what it offers such as semi-renovated apartments. We moved into what they called a newly renovated apartment; and yes, it was renovated, but only superficially. The kitchen appliances were new, as well as the flooring. However, the kitchen and bathroom cabinets itself was just given a face lift. The cabinet doors are new but not the cabinet itself like the interior and the base. They look used and a little swollen. The sinks and bathtub are also not new; they had just painted it over it or has some sort of plastic layer to make it look new, but my sinks already have some rust in them and the layer in the bathtub is peeling right off. It's showing the real ugly surface of the original bathtub. Most repairs and renovations are cosmetic, not actual renovations. Additionally, my washer/dryer and the A/C are not new; and the A/C especially feels like it's so old it's going to give in soon. My real complaint is the parking. Many of the spaces are really small; they did a bad job of painting the lines. You can't park cars normally. Everyone has to end up double parking which defeats the purpose of putting in so many parking spaces. You end up not being able to use them because people double park. They need to re-paint the spaces to make them fit cars. The community also needs to monitor the situation better because many people park illegally and I've noticed many people don't even have a sticker on their cars, which identifies you as a resident living here. They rarely put parking violation stickers or tow the offenders; and therefore, the parking becomes even worse. It's supposed to be two cars per unit but we can tell there are more cars for some units. And there are others that have some cars parked indefinitely (they look broken down or waiting to be sold) in one particular spot which takes up spots that are so sorely needed. Their gym is not really a gym. It's about three treadmills and a very incomplete set of weights. However, the pool area is nice. The trash valet service is supposed to be scheduled from Sunday through Thursday by 8 pm. We find that they come too early. By my door, they pick up the trash around 6:30 which is before dinner time. What is the point of having my trash picked up so early that I can't take out all of the dinner time trash out that same night? Instead, I have to leave it for the following day. Additionally, the Sunday pickup is WAY too early; they usually pick it up as early as 2:30 and no later than 5 pm. Which means lots of trash in the hallways or you have to put out the trash so early that it'll be virtually empty anyway. Also, the walls here are VERY thin. You always hear the neighbors. The construction should have been better when they originally built these buildings. The staff here is very nice, usually attentive, and answer questions. Romina is especially a good staff member and very quick to solve issues.
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Palmetto Place Rental Community

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