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Star Creek Apartments



Resident · 2008
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I have lived in Star Creek for many years. I have seen the management come and go. I've seen people dead floating in the so called scenic waterway in the back! They have more section 8 county housing projects for people to move in at a low rate than they have normal rent paying people. That just simply means, more ------ --- people that are dirty, problematic, criminal, etc... YOU GET THE POINT RIGHT! The management does not change your carpet when you by law have the right to new carpet in the State of Florida every 4 years. They don't fix anything broken unless it impedes with the ability to live. They don't have the trash picked up on holiday's so your neighborhood is left to smell like hot garbage for the whole 4 day weekend! No playground. No pool. The pool is always closed! Kids are not allowed to play outside. If they catch you, they will evict you! When it rains, you better put your car in high grounds cause you will experience why they call it Star Creek! Drain system sucks. Garbage floating. Criminals all end up coming here to do their escaping from the Police. Helicopters land on our property to catch criminals at any time of the day or night. Stolen cars constantly parked in the parking lot. Police always here asking questions trying to catch someone. People outside selling drugs all the time. DON'T COME!! PLEASE!!!!
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Star Creek Apartments

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