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Star Creek Apartments



Resident · 2007 - 2008
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Office Staff
i would not recomen no one to move there you would have problems the minute you sign your name on the application. lets just say that i moveed in those nasty apartments in 2007 and i moved out 2008. it was hell getting in and it was hell getting out. there was a lot of nasty people that work in the office. there was a lady name BArbara very rude and nasty it seem to me if you wasnt her comp-lextion she was not going to wait on you. and the other lady name Monique oh yea everyone remember big girl her and the apartment managers was stilling people money. the guy name Stephan and a lady name Karlaia. whats funny they all live there in the complex it was crazy Omg. now how can you be that dumb and take somebody money order and not think that they have the reciept!!! but i guess they was dumb until somebody caught up with it and then they tried to blame one odd ball when it was all three that was taken the money. yep they fired the fat girl Monique,but the she continue to stay there for a min until she was recieving a lot of threats. they dont clean up the place. now this right here is real dumb how can you adveertise that you a 24 hour gated serity place when there is only one gated that closes at 5 but there is no other gated at the secound entrance. then the so call G-I-Joe rental play,play want to be security speak no english and ride around doing about 1 mile per hour wich gave more then enough time to steal somebody car or break in somebody house. lets jsut say this much if the place was so safe and secured why do criminals sale drugs over there and steal cars and park stolen cars over there.. tell me how all that go on and the place is secure. it has been so many people break they least. and then the rent go up every year big, there is no washer and dryer in the unit you hath to go in another building to deposit money and the machine dont half work.
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Star Creek Apartments

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