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Star Creek Apartments



Resident · 2007 - 2008
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When my wife and I got married, we were looking for a place to fit our budget and after searching near and far, we found Star Creek. We rented a 2/1 and fell in love with it; then we started noticing that Star Creek was a little more and, sometimes less, then what we expected. So, first I'll list all the bad stuff: One of our neighbor's sons would CONSTANTLY have his boys come over and hang out right outside of their apartment to smoke out - and I m not talking about tobacco. Then compound this with the fact that all of the front doors are hollow and aluminum as well as the fact that sounds bounce off the corridor outside, and you have yourself the perfect recipe for a loud and rowdy "----- dis" and a "----- dat" -------- talkin' marathon. You can imagine, us bringing our parents over for dinner and hearing clearly the idiotic, profane, noisy, and rowdy ramblings of adult men who have nothing better to do than get high, drink and then just talk and talk and talk (usually about nothing)! I guess when you have no job, have no expectations, no vision or potential, your 26 and 30 years old, live with your baby s mama up in your parent s apartment and you don t pay rent, any time you can get to relax from such a demanding day, should be enjoyed. Another low point were the somewhat thin---- walls. On more than one occasion (more like a dozen times), we could hear our other next door neighbors fighting, usually about the stupidest things: "Where was you at?," "Why you been out all night?," Who was you talkin to?, "What her picture still doin' on yo' phone?," and so on and so forth. Oh, yeah, they also had a kid, so it's not too hard to imagine both of us getting ready to sleep and then, screaming and yelling and crying. To be honest though, since we were newlyweds, I'm pretty sure that they heard my wife scream and moan more often than not. We eventually had an alarm installed and notified the front office about it. The first thing we told them was to let us know when they would fumigate and when the maintenance guy would come by to fix an outlet that wasn t working, so we could leave the alarm off. The girl at the office (Lynn) wrote it down and assured us they would let us know. A couple of weeks later, I m driving home for lunch when my phone rings, it the alarm company asking me if I m okay and that the alarm has been tripped. I was just bending the corner so I told them to hold off on sending a police cruiser. My door wasn t open but I could hear my alarm beeping, I turned the knob and who was there? Julio, the maintenance guy. I asked him if the office had informed him that I had an alarm and he said no, that they usually will tell him if someone has a dog or an alarm in advance. Now, never mind the fact that we had just moved in (about a month) and explicitly told the girl at the front office (Lynn) about our alarm and, disregard the fact, that the proper thing for the maintenance guy to have done would ve been to lock the door once he tripped the alarm, go to the front office, notify them of the situation and then notify my wife or I of what just occurred; no he didn t do any of that he was free to walk around our apartment and look at all of our stuff. BTW, it took him almost 2 hours to fix one outlet, and our A/C would also had the tendency to freeze up if it was set too low (below 70 ) and it definitely needed to be flushed out as well as the air vents they were extremely dirty! We never informed Star Creek about the A/C because we, against the contract, changed our lock without notifying them. Some time later, my in-laws went away on a week and a half vacation and my wife and me looked after their little Maltese dog. Two and a half weeks later, an eviction noticed was slid under our door, stating that according to our contract we must notify the front office if we choose to have a pet as well as supply them with vet records and pay a one time (1/3 refundable) fee. We couldn t believe it! Us, getting evicted for puppy-sitting for 1 weeks? Us, who ALWAYS pay rent way in advanced, compared to all of the Section 8ers and the late payers (believe me there were a lot)? Not a warning, phone call or a knock at the door as to inform us of the situation??? My wife called the front office and bitched them out. They apologized and said that the eviction notice was just their way of notifying us of our contract violation. WTF? How in the ---- are you just gonna notify someone with an eviction notice? That s some stupid ----. Most recently however, the biggest problem that we had with the front office was in regards to us wanting to put up a DIRECTV satellite dish. My wife called and inquired about mounting the dish. Lynn at the front office said that we couldn t mount it on the side of the building, on the terrace, or on the ground in front of the apartment. We would have to get the dish mounted on a tripod or else we would get fined... We went around the WHOLE apartment complex and counted over 50 dishes; only 3 dishes were on a tripod, ALL OF THE OTHERS where (drum roll please), on the sides of the buildings, on terraces and many of them in the ground right in front of the building sometimes with 2 or 3 right next to each other! Were all of these other folks getting fined monthly for having their dish mounted in violation of their contract? We talked with a neighbor of ours and he had absolutely no idea of any fine. So once again Star Creek left us guessing as to what the ---- is going on. Oh yeah, the landlady who works in the front office has THE BIGGEST satellite dish as well as the 2 BIGGEST dogs in the whole complex dogs cannot be bigger than 70 lbs. And, as a fair warning to new tenants, DO NOT LET THE MAILMAN LEAVE ANY PACKAGES BY YOUR FRONT DOOR! Have everything sent via FedEx, DHL or UPS, this way there is proof that someone received/signed for it. On 2 different occasions some neighborhood -------(s) decided to steal our packages which where left right in front of our door via the post office! And lastly, when we moved out, we had to paint back all of the walls white, as per our contract. The only difficulty there, was that AFTER my wife and I notified Star Creek that we were moving, we went to Home Depot and bought some paint, then we were informed later on by a neighbor that the office is suppose to supply you with 10 gallons of paint! ONCE AGAIN Star Creek left us scratching our heads, I mean WTF? We had just informed them that we were moving AND we even mentioned that we were going to go and buy some paint! They couldn t have told us right then and there that according to our contract they were going to supply paint for us? Unfortunately we couldn t return the paint (lost the receipt) but it didn t really matter since the paint that they give you is pretty much the cheapest, crappiest and most watered down paint on planet Earth. We ended up painting the walls with our store bought paint which covered a lot better instead of having to go over some walls 2 or 3 times over moral of the story: don t paint your walls with ANY dark colors! There was one thing that we never noticed until we started painting right where we had our computer, we saw (what we believed to have been) mold growing on the wall. Since mold needs moisture to live, my only thought was that water must somehow be infiltrating/penetrating from the outside (probably through the roof?) and down to that wall. So, although there are SOME bad things, SOME ------ --- folks, SOME Section 8ers (the front office told us that they stopped accepting Sec. 8 though) and inconsistencies/miscommunication with the front office, all of these things plus, wanting something better, precipitated us wanting to (NOT HAVING TO) move a year and 5 months later. Now, all of these mishaps weren t really that bad when we consider all the good. First, Star Creek is relatively quiet. Not counting my neighbor s sons (who have since moved), there were days when you wouldn t hear a soul. To be honest, the most noise we would hear would be during the weekends when people and cars came in and out; but that was it. We also got in good with one of our neighbors the father of the pot smoking sons of all people! After the son had moved out, I guess out of humility, he would strike up conversations with my wife and I whenever we would cross paths or if we happened to be smoking a cigarette outside. He was a very kind man indeed; he would even pick up any deliveries from UPS that would come for us while we were at work. And, he kept an eye on things (our cars, windows, etc.) while my wife and I went on a 2 week vacation. I guess one could say we were lucky. Secondly, when we got our apartment, it was newly carpeted with a new stove and fridge, the dishwasher was old but, it didn t look out of place, rusty or run down. The grounds are maintained for the most part, I mean they do cut the grass and keep it looking rather nice. They do have 2 pools although the one by the office is the only one that was ever open as far as I knew, I could be wrong since we never went to either pools. There s a bus stop right out side of the front gate and the turnpike, I-595, I-75 as well as I-95 are less than 5 minutes away (so is Tootsies!). After just one year, our rent went up ONLY $25! Which compared to some other rentals in the area is a bargain. When it came to pest control, we had very minimal, if any, ants and in almost a year and a half there, we only saw 2 roaches; but then again, we did opt out of the fumigation service that they provide and we would fumigate ourselves with insecticide we brought from Home Depot. And lastly, there was one girl at the front office who ALWAYS was willing to answer any questions we had or address any issues, her name was Barbara. She was helpful, courteous, and returned all phone calls! My suggestion to you as a potential renter is to get in good with her (or Carlisle, she s really nice!) it s always nice to have someone on the inside. And lastly, when we first moved in, for some strange reason, in our A/C closet we had a leak coming from the ceiling. It wasn t too bad, but it was a leak none the less. We informed the front office and it was repaired within two days. Apparently, it was a pipe that need to be fixed. And, speaking of the A/C, they always had extra air filters ready in the front office, that you could take to replace your old one. All in all, our experience at Star Creek was not that awful, WE HAD MORE GOOD TIMES THAN BAD. It is definitely not a place to raise kids or a family, what it is, is a decent place to live at until you ve save up enough money (the rent there allows for that!) and move to a better place that s how my wife and I always viewed Star Creek there are of course, people there who have lived at the complex for like 10 years, and have unfortunately, never moved; they have literally stuck themselves there due to the rent and (as far as I m concerned) are afraid to venture out of Star Creek. There are A LOT of folks there who really don t care too much about anything, we all know the kind, and this is extremely embarrassing because, believe it or not, Star Creek has AMAZING potential to be much more than what it actually is! I think the problem with Star Creek is that they let folks on Section 8 and Welfare live there, not that they re all bad, but let s face it; if you have a bunch of people living together and some of them don t work, don t pay taxes, don t mind staying complacent with their life, don t have any ambitions or goals, and don t really care about theirs or yours, then your going to have folks who, because of their dejection, bring down an entire neighborhood; and in this case, an entire apartment complex. Star Creek is ideal if you re a single parent since there is a day care 2 blocks down. Or if you re a Catholic, there s a church 3 blocks down, if you re a Baptist, there s a church on the other side of 441 and 191st street, 8 blocks down or if you re an Evangelical Christian, the Trinity Church is on Miami Gardens and 441. It is also ideal if you work in Ft. Lauderdale, Aventura, Pembroke Pines, Davie, Miami Gardens, Miramar or Weston; you are literally 30 minutes away. And if you have decent to excellent credit, you will pay the absolute minimum for monthly rent, we spoke with a few people there who also had a 2/1 and were paying MORE than us due to their bad credit however, another neighbor of ours had a 3/2 and was only paying an extra $75 a month then what we were paying due to his good credit, so if you have a good credit history, getting an apartment at Star Creek won t be a problem, just make sure that after you fill out an application, you call back [constantly] to see if you ve been approved to move in, being nice also helps. And, this is very important, make sure that you READ YOUR CONTRACT!!! Don t just sit there and look at the writing on the paper, READ IT BEFORE YOU SIGN IT!!! IT IS A CONTRACT that you will be held to. If there is ANYTHING that you disagree with, talk it over with the manager to see if they may be able to help you. My advice to any prospective tenant is to check the neighborhood out during a weekend at night to get a better picture of what Star Creek has to offer or is about or better yet, strike up a conversation with someone who lives there to get their opinion. We PERSONALLY liked Star Creek and all of the little misadventures that we had there and, we will always remember them years from now when we recall our first little apartment.
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