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Star Creek Apartments



Resident · 2010
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Office Staff
I cannot even begin to say the amount of things wrong things with star creek. my mother has been renting for years and i cannot stand to see her living there but she works so much shes never there so doesn't notice or will never complain(go figure as if the complex will do something to solve it) i moved back because she was found on the floor passed out having a minor heart attack probably due to stress in her apt--so i moved back in because my other sibling moved out. to begin i have lived through so many hurricanes- floods- power outages-fires "electrical"& even break ins(your not safe on the 2nd floor so forget it)- maintenance is weak they dont want to work hard they like to blame damages on tenants when really its the old --- buildings made of prectically paper. and they snoop around your apt all too well. if you dont open the door fasst enough and your not dressed properly they will open the door. you have the police circling the complex religiously once a week at the minimum looking for the crooks and criminals who get away. oh security guards that don't speak English and only have a flash light. the washers and dryers - don't even think about washing there because if your not standing outside of the room your jeans, underwear even your socks will be stolen i went to the office and then they tried to issue keys to secure your clothes- so they would sell the key for 15 or $10 to try to resolve that problem- sometimes you leave it unlocked -your screwed because then you will have to wait till someone unlocks the door if you dont have a key and office is closed..oh you have to drive 1 mph because there's always a wolf-pack of 10 kids running around no playground if you have children they are not safe = someones child will get hit by a car (may god forbid) if they already have not. The office: steals your deposits and says you don't have a deposit, dont give money orders because that's a high chance of it getting stolen- pay by check and you might be safe walk in your apt whenever they want to especially when they know your not home so sucks to be someone with a set schedule they will check your mailbox and change the lock if they don't have a copy of it as well as for your apt. the neighbors spy and people park near my apt that i have never seen before doing drugs period that's the bottom line there's no rules there people can do whatever they want whenever and the people in the office are rude and nasty and talk down to you as they are doing you a favor by living there when in all reality its hell. Ice cream trucks circle for hours and you can get any sleep if your trying to sleep past 10am onthe weekend. so in saying that i think ive painted a very colorful picture for anyone to imagine.
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Star Creek Apartments

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