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Waterford Point



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unhappywaterford • Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/07/2005
The other review is obviously written by management. This apartment is downright awful. No one in the right mind could give this place 5 stars. <br><br>First SAFETY: I would advise anyone looking for a safe place to live to choose elsewhere. Poor lighting, lack of security, broken entrance gates are just a few of the problems. Only 2 weeks ago, a naked man attacked a resident and sexually assaulted two others while the security guard was no where to be found. (Check out http://www.nbc6.net/news/5015080/detail.html). Any when we inquired about what management planned to do to rectify the situation, they didn’t seem to care in the least. I can’t wait until someone slaps them with a negligence suit. Maybe then they’ll listen up. <br><br>NOISE: some apartments are fine, while many residents are not so lucky (myself included) Walls are thin, in combination with some rather obnoxious tenants that enjoy blaring loud music at all hours of day/night. Management is absolutely incompetent at handling this among most issues. <br><br>MANAGEMENT: I don’t think I’ve ever encountered such poor management as this apartment complex. (and I’ve lived at quite a few complexes in my years) Expect to hear a whole host of promises (ie. lies) when you visit this place. We feel downright misled after trusting them about what they told us. Trying to get them to fix anything is like asking for them to give you their left kidney. When we moved in, the apartment was in a terrible state (sliding doors broken, cabinet doors broken, sink broken, etc.) And their response when we requested they fix the glaring problems? Sorry, that’s the way they come…we can’t do anything about that. Totally unacceptable. <br><br>Yes, many apartments are pretty poor in the Miami area, but Waterford Point takes the prize at being one the worst I’ve ever seen. I’d choose elsewhere if looking for a decent place to stay.
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Waterford Point

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