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Highlands at Heathbrook



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sixnovickis • Resident 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/22/2007
Hopefully you are reading this BEFORE you have paid any money to or signed a lease with this company, if you have already moved in let me warn you do not expect to get any of your deposit back and do expect to get hit with huge bills for anything, even if they have to make it up! That $450 "redecorating fee" that they charged you for in addition to your $400 deposit is a joke. They tell you when you move in this fee is to "completely repaint the apartment and steam clean the carpets when you move out so it is like brand new for the next resident." First of all when we moved in I had to vacuum all the cereal and crumbs before I could move any furniture in so it was obviously not cleaned, the walls had some paint slapped on them but it sure must be expensive considering the bill we got when we moved out! All of a sudden that $450 redocorting fee we paid when we moved in no longer conered repainting and if there are ANY marks whatssoever on your wall you will be charged another several hundred dollars to repaint when you move out. This, however, does not even begin to compare to the fact they altered/forged our lease when we moved out. We signed a 7 month lease depsite them trying VERY hard to talk us into a year long lease and when I went to give them our notice that we were leaving they suddenly said we had a 12 month lease and would be breaking it. I asked to see this lease and was told by Karla in the office that only Cheryl Davis, the manager could show it to me who was not available at the moment. Well Cheryl was not availabe at any moment over the next 6 weeks until we moved out becasue I called and stoped in a couple dozen times but she refused to talk to us or show us the lease. We moved out, showed them a copy of our lease they had given us seven months earlier and told them we were not paying any fines for breaking a lease that we had in our possiesion and had clearly not violated. Two months later they send us a bill for nearly $2000.00 and send us to a collection agency who threatens us to pay up or they will ruin our credit! Again, we mail them a copy of the lease and demand they give us our deposit back. Six months after we move out they mail us a different copy of the lease from the one we've had for a year now, showing a 12 month expiration date. I dont know who changed our lease or what they did once they had carbon copies of our signatures, all I can say factually is the copy they claim to have now does not match the copy they gave us when we moved in last January. We would wonder why they are targeting us but unfortunatley we have found out they do this to EVERYONE! Not just at this apartment complex either but at all the Paradigm Properties in Florida...just look them up, the complaints going back several years all start to sound very familiar! We're not caving in to their extortion techniques, instead we are filling complaints with the state of Florida Division of Consumer Services and possibly pressing criminal charges against them with Marion County in regards to the two versions of the lease. I urge you if you have not moved in here...DONT! and if you have moved out and they are trying to extort money out of you...fight them!!! They will keep doing this as long as they think people will just pay to make them go away!
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Highlands at Heathbrook

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